The sisterhood of motherhood

Interesting campaign from an american advertiser looking at the different tribes of parents – breastfeeders vs bottlers, stay-at-home mums vs working mums etc. It taps into all the common insecurities parents have, which are usually expressed in defensive attitudes and language. Spoiler alert – it’s all ok in the end, because we’re all just parents first. Welcome to the sisterhood of motherhood

Tipping point: majority of mothers now over 30

In the last year we have finally reached the tipping point that so many of us have been calling out based on anecdotal evidence. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) announced that more than half of all babies born in England and Wales were to mothers aged 30 and over. Although the average age of first time mothers still sits below the “body clock threshold” at 28.3 years, the statistics [&hellip

Sigmar Gabriel by Ralph Alswang
German Vice-Chancellor takes time off to pick up daughter

As far as headlines go, it’s a pretty crummy one. I mean, should it even be news that a father picks up his daughter… even less so when you realise that the news is that he intends to pick her up just once a week. But sadly this non-story has made the headlines in the German national press, the international press, and even on the BBC World Service newshour this [&hellip

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If you have kids, you’ll understand – The Calpol effect

If you have kids, you’ll understand – Calpol’s brilliant strapline, attached to their equally fabulous TV advert showing ‘poorly’ children running riot around the house and garden, back to their normal selves after a dose of Calpol. They could have easily crafted their creative around fear-based selling… one of my pet hates with health and insurance products… but they didn’t. They focussed on what makes us smile – our children [&hellip

Children's Rugs
Rugs for children’s bedrooms: some inspiration

When you are about to decorate your child’s room or you want to change the overall look and feel of the room, with just a little expense and a lot of fantasy and creativity you can transform the room into something magical. Reproduce the enchanted world of their favourite fairy-tale or immerse them in an atmosphere full of colour and joy. Just follow our suggestions and you are going to [&hellip

Traditional School Canopy Shelter by
Can School Canopies really help kids get active?

It is a known fact that physical activity plays an important role in improving the overall health and fitness levels of school children. Not only does it improve circulation and increase blood flow to the brain, but increased physical activity also helps to reduce stress levels and help students to achieve more academically. Being active during the day, whether at school or not, also helps to ensure a good night’s [&hellip

Life insurance for your family

Here at Family and Parenting, we always try to focus in the positive stories around being a (wonderful) parent, and stay away from the sensationalist angle – however that doesn’t mean that we are afraid to tackle some of the more serious, less fun, yet still important issues. Such as ensuring a financial legacy for your family. Insurance is one of those personal finance things that none of us enjoy [&hellip

Divorce and Christmas

Before we start, I appreciate some of you will be cross at the site of the C word this early in September – I’m with you on that… the thought of getting that box of those shiny things and those lights out after a sunny day out on the beach yesterday would pain me too. But that’s not what this article is about. This is about how to cope on [&hellip

Parental guilt: school choice

Ah, the new year cometh, Christmas will speed past, and the daffodils will poke their way through, waiting for the snowdrops to overtake them speedily into bloom. Oh and the dawning realisation that the primary school application has to be in. I know it’s not the same across the country, but here in Kent, the primary admissions are controlled centrally by the County Council. This means that pupils and parents [&hellip

Family friendly holidays in Sicily

It’s not often that, as a family of four, you get invited to dinner by total strangers. But this happened on my visit to Sicily: a chance meeting over prams led to a pasta feast in the modest home of a fireman and his wife. While the grownups stumbled through the language barrier Will, aged one, and Lucy, aged six, bonded immediately with the other children. At the end of [&hellip

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